Shiny Silver PAGO


Please note: Our silver models are made to order in advance - as is customary with jewellers. The delivery time is then around 10 weeks.

The time has finally come: be the first to wear the Shiny Silver PAGO!

Get ready for our new centrepiece: the Shiny Silver PAGO! This stunning ring is made from the finest silver and is a real eye-catcher.

We know that the anticipation for our silver collection is great, but good things take time! And it's definitely worth the wait, because the Shiny Silver PAGO is worth every single moment.

With its sleek design, this ring is a real statement of minimalist style. But don't be fooled - it may be slim, but it is extremely durable and of the highest quality. What's more, it's made in Spain.

What really makes it shine? Its shiny silver finish that catches everyone's eye. Day or night, the Shiny Silver PAGO always creates the perfect highlight.

So treat yourself to this must-have accessory that will complete your collection and make your hand sparkle!

How does the pre-order process work?

We would like to give you the exclusive opportunity to secure one of the Silver Shiny PAGOS. To do this, you can select and order the size you require. If you order in advance, the Silver Shiny PAGO will arrive at your home within 10 weeks at the latest.

If you do not know your ring size, you can select the option ‘Ring size unknown’. In the first step, you will receive a ring measuring template from us free of charge and can then determine your ring size. Once you have done this, simply write us your desired ring size, stating your order number, and we will reserve the Silver Rough PAGO in your desired size.

One ring for all your purchases.

Simple - Secure - Fast - Contactless

Pay for your purchases even faster contactless, without searching for your smartphone or wallet and experience a whole new shopping experience.
You can wear your PAGO not only in everyday life, but also when jogging, cycling or swimming and always have a way to make a purchase - without a wallet.
Our PAGOPACE rings are made from high-quality silver and are water and dust resistant. We want to ensure that your piece of technical jewellery stays beautiful for a long time. However, it is important to note that even scratch-resistant materials can be sensitive. We therefore recommend that you handle the PAGOs with care. With the help of the built-in NFC technology, you can easily make contactless payments with your ring without a battery or smartphone. The payment service is provided by Fidesmo Pay.

How does payment with the PAGO work?

You can download the Curve app, where you can store any Visa and Mastercard card (except DBK) from other banks and link it to your PAGO using Curve. 
You can pay with your PAGO wherever credit cards are accepted. Up to €50 without a PIN and from €50 with a PIN - just like a normal credit card payment.

How safe is the PAGO?

Our PAGO rings are certified by Visa & Mastercard and are therefore subject to the highest security standards in international payment transactions, which you are also accustomed to from Visa & Mastercard itself. In addition, the PAGO only works in a certain position and within 3cm of the terminal, which prevents unwanted or fraudulent actions. Even if you lose the ring, you can simply block your stored credit card and you can no longer pay with the ring. For payments over €50, you have to enter your PIN, just like with a MasterCard.

How do I find my correct ring size?

If you are not sure about your ring size, we recommend that you select "Ring size unknown" here. If you select this option, we will first send you a ring sizer free of charge, which you can use to determine your exact size. You can then email us the ring size you require, stating your order number.

If you know your ring size, you can convert it to our sizes (US) here.

How is my ring set up?

1. You choose your PAGO in your favourite colour & order it.

2. After the payment process, we will send your PAGO directly to you.

3. The product packaging will then explain how you can link your PAGO to your Visa or Mastercard.


Material Silver and Resin (Water and dust resistant)
Calour Silver shiny

5-15; Width: 5 mm

Una sola anilla para todas tus compras

Paga tus compras aún más rápido sin contacto, sin buscar tu smartphone o cartera y vive una experiencia de compra totalmente nueva


Puedes llevar tu PAGO no sólo en la vida cotidiana, sino también mientras haces footing, montas en bici o nadas y siempre tendrás la posibilidad de comprar algo - sin cartera.

Puedes llevar tu PAGO en cualquier momento.

Nuestros anillos PAGOPACE están fabricados con cerámica de alta calidad resistente a los arañazos y son resistentes al agua y al polvo. Con la ayuda de la tecnología NFC incorporada, puedes realizar fácilmente pagos sin contacto con tu anillo sin necesidad de batería, pila o smartphone. El servicio de pago lo proporciona Fidesmo Pay.


Puedes vincular tu propia tarjeta Mastercard a nuestro Pago. Esto significa que el anillo accede a la misma cuenta a la que está vinculada tu propia tarjeta de crédito. El requisito previo es que tengas una de las siguientes tarjetas de crédito:

Tarjeta Mastercard.

Tarjeta Cembra Mastercard

Tarjeta Mastercard Conforama


Cumulus Mastercard

Fnac Mastercard

Tarjeta LIPO Mastercard

TCS Mastercard

Si no tienes una de estas tarjetas, de momento no puedes utilizar nuestros Pagos. Por favor, suscríbete a nuestro boletín para que podamos informarte tan pronto como estén disponibles otras tarjetas de crédito para conectar el anillo.


Nuestras anillas PAGO están certificadas por MasterCard y, por tanto, están sujetas a las normas de seguridad más estrictas, a las que también te tiene acostumbrado la propia MasterCard. Para pagos superiores a 50¤, tendrás que introducir tu PIN, igual que harías con la propia MasterCard.


Si conoces tu talla de anillo, puedes convertirla aquí a nuestras tallas (US)


Si no estás seguro de qué talla de anillo necesitas, puedes pedir una plantilla aquí para medir tu talla de anillo. Cuesta 2 euros, gastos de envío incluidos. Te devolveremos los 2€ cuando compres tu anillo.

  1. Eliges tu PAGO en tu color favorito & pídelo.
  2. .
  3. Después del proceso de pago, recibirás instrucciones sobre cómo proceder. Tendrás que introducir los datos de tu tarjeta de crédito (número de tarjeta, código de seguridad CVC, fecha de caducidad) en la página de confirmación del pedido después de comprar el anillo en Fidesmo Pay.
  4. Los datos de tu tarjeta de crédito se mostrarán en la página de confirmación del pedido.
  5. Una vez que hayamos recibido toda tu información, configuraremos tu anillo de forma gratuita utilizando la tecnología de Fidesmo Pay y te enviaremos el anillo.
  6. Cuando te enviemos el anillo, deberás introducir los datos de tu tarjeta de crédito en la página de confirmación del pedido.
  7. Cuando enviamos tu anillo, añadimos un código QR para verificar tu identidad. Una vez que lo hayas escaneado y hayas confirmado tu cuenta, podrás pagar directamente con tu anillo PAGOPACE.



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